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      My name is Matt Smyth and I am the owner and operator of Sonic Sound. I graduated from UCONN with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I have been DJing for five years in a range of environments from tailgates and house parties to weddings and bar mitzvah’s. I look forward to each event and take pride in quality work, using detailed planning and coordination to execute effectively.

      My passion for music started when I was 8 years old. My parents were watching a live Backstreet Boys concert on TV and I heard “Larger than Life” for the first time; I immediately fell in love with it. I listened to it hundreds of times and couldn’t get enough. From there, I branched into many genres of music from 80s pop and classic rock to EDM and house music. There isn’t a genre or style that doesn’t appeal to me making DJing a great purpose for me in life. I want to share my love, passion and, experience in music with you!

Our History

Sonic Sound DJ Service was founded in 1986 by Eugene Smyth while he was attending Southern Connecticut State University. His passion for music inspired me to follow in his footsteps and become a DJ. With his established customer-focused business model, booking is made easy and accounts for all aspects of an event.
34 years later, the Company legacy is carried on by myself, Matt Smyth, and I am committed to providing the musical entertainment that my customers want to hear. Most DJ services act as an agency with multiple systems and multiple DJs, leading to miscommunication and over overcomplicating a simple process. Being the owner, as well as operator, I am able to give each customer a tailored and professional experience at any event.

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